Taurus PT 111 Original Model

Taurus pistols are very popular in the concealed carry market.  Taurus has sold many thousands of the Taurus PT 111 Millennium G2, the 709 Slim and countless others.

The Taurus PT111 G2 is a very reliable firearm and is relatively a great value for the money.  This second generation features changes in the safety system. The original PT 111 and other Taurus pistols were recalled due to safety concerns.

Taurus Pistol

The Taurus 24 7 Pro LS was another popular offering from Taurus and was second only to the Taurus PT 111.

I have owned one of the original Taurus PT111 Millennium Pro pistols for years. After I learned about the recall I debated sending mine in for a replacement.  However, after learning more of the specifics of the recall I decided to keep the ones I have.

Taurus PT 111 recall and why I kept mine

After reading about the recall and seeing the issues people were having I did a few of my own tests on my pistols and discovered that one of my guns, the Taurus 24/7 Pro LS has one of the safety issues that were described.  If you stage the trigger and then engage the safety with the trigger slightly back, it will fire.

Once I discovered the issue with my guns I still decided to keep them.  However, I will not carry them as my EDC any longer.  However, I still get them out at the range every now and then.

There are many guns that make great range guns but may not be the best for concealed carry.  Since there is a known safety issue with them, I have designated them as range guns only.

I kept mine because following basic firearms safety procedures eliminates the problems described.  I even attempted to replicate the drop safety issue with my pistols and was unable to do so which gave me even more confidence that my particular pistols didn’t appear to be as dangerous as some had described.

If you have one of the original model Taurus pistils wouldn’t blame you for sending it back for a replacement.  It is your choice and I would even go as far as encouraging you to send it in.

Even with the concerns I think it is still a good gun and will be keeping mine.  But I will also be a bit more cautious with it.