Best caliber handgun for concealed carry

There is a lot of debate over the best caliber handgun for concealed carry and self-defense.  It is easy to find comparisons between the various handgun calibers on the market showing the performance of different types of ammunition.

With the large amount of debate on this issue we need to step back for a minute and take a common sense approach to the question.  The question is simple and will give us a much clearer answer to the question about caliber.

The question is this, “which caliber do you shoot the best?  If you answer this question truthfully you have discovered the best caliber for you to carry as a concealed weapon.

Managing recoil and firing accurate follow-up shots is a very important part of concealed carry self-defense.  We are morally and legally responsible for every round we fire and hitting our intended target can be the difference between stopping the threat and harming an innocent bystander.

By taking the time to shoot the various calibers using defensive ammunition you will learn much more about the type of firearm, ammunition caliber and way you should carry then you ever would by reading articles about ballistic performance.