Pistol sights for your handgun

There are many types of pistol sights to fit virtually every shooter.  The standard pistol sight is still very popular.  With so many options on the market many gun owners choose to replace them with something they like more.

No matter which type of pistol sight you decide to use you must first understand the principles of marksmanship.  If you don’t understand marksmanship no sight on the market will make you a good shooter.

Deciding on which pistol sights to use

If you are thinking about replacing the factory pistol sights on your pistol, consider these questions.  Ask yourself what you intend to use the pistol for.  If you only want to use it for target shooting a simple target sight may fit your needs.  If you are wanting to use it for self defense another type of sight may work better for you.

Shooting the strip pistol drill

Shooting the strip is one way to help improve shooting accuracy and using your pistol sight correctly.

Some of my pistols still have the factory sights on them because the sight works well for the way I use a certain gun.  On my primary carry gun, I have a night sight that features a tritium front post with a blacked-out rear.

Personally, I think the next set of sights I buy will have tritium on both the front and the rear.  The one problem I have with the current sight on my defensive pistol is that in very dark situations it is impossible to tell the relationship between the front sight and the rear sight.  A three-dot sight will certainly eliminate that issue.

The rear sight doesn’t need to be equal in visibility as the front sight but there certainly needs to be something to reference against when there isn’t enough light to see it.  A bright front sight and a lightly lit rear sight is the best option in my opinion.