Tactical Shotgun Loading Techniques

The shotgun is one of the most common home defense weapons in the country.  They are a very versatile firearm that has quite a punch. It is important for the user to regularly train with the shotgun they keep for Continue reading Tactical Shotgun Loading Techniques

Don’t Buy Cheap Gun Safes

One of the greatest tragedies we hear on the news is when a child gets access to a parent’s gun and harms themselves or another child.  As gun owners we have a responsibility to be safe with our firearms and Continue reading Don’t Buy Cheap Gun Safes

Shooting Accuracy Drill Shooting the Strip

Firing an accurate shot is a combination of having the right sight picture and proper trigger control.  The proper sight picture is having the gun aimed at the vertical and horizontal intersection at the center of your target. While it Continue reading Shooting Accuracy Drill Shooting the Strip

Importance of self-defense training

The greatest deception that is perpetuated by many in our culture is to ignore the undeniable fact that evil exists and that evil people will stop at nothing to commit horrific acts of violence. Law enforcement and other first responders Continue reading Importance of self-defense training

Carrying a gun at home

With all of the discussion surrounding carrying a gun in public either concealed or open, one area that doesn’t get a lot of discussion is carrying a gun while at home. There are mixed thoughts on carrying a gun at Continue reading Carrying a gun at home

Mossberg 590 Shockwave

One of the more unique guns that have come on the scene lately is the Mossberg 590 Shockwave which is basically a short barreled shotgun that doesn’t require any special tax stamp to purchase. The Shockwave quickly captured everyone’s attention Continue reading Mossberg 590 Shockwave

Concealed Carry and your Cellphone

Concealed carry is growing across the nation as more people decide to learn to protect themselves from criminals.  Within all of the training and discussion about concealed carry there is one very important topic that we do not need to Continue reading Concealed Carry and your Cellphone

How to become an accurate shooter

The reason we practice is to become a more accurate shooter with a gun.  Improving shooting accuracy is a process of trial and error.  We need to examine how we are shooting to find the errors in our technique and Continue reading How to become an accurate shooter

Preparing for a natural disaster survival tips

Every time a disaster happens people wonder what they could have done differently to make it through.  It is impossible to predict every scenario and disaster that could happen to someone but it is possible to learn what we can Continue reading Preparing for a natural disaster survival tips

Ruger SR22 Review

  Many people can remember a day when they first learned to shoot a pistol and for most of them, that pistol was a 22.  They are still a lot of fun and great way to teach new shooters the Continue reading Ruger SR22 Review