Pistol Accuracy Slow fire pistol drills

Pistol accuracy is a very important skill to master for anyone who carries a gun for self-defense. We have a moral and legal obligation for every round we shoot.  An inaccurate shot can injure an innocent person in a self-defense incident.  This will result in the shooter potentially being charged with a crime.

Proper sight picture is important for pistol accuracy

Proper sight picture and sight alignment is the key to firing an accurate shot.

There are several reasons why some people are unable to make consistent shots on target and there are ways to correct shooting errors.

One reason why some people cannot get their grouping consistent is because they rush the shot.  Instead of trying to be accurate they try to be fast and end up missing.

It is important to regularly train for pistol accuracy.  There are many steps that a shooter can take to improve their skills with a pistol.  The more we train our muscle memory the better we will become.

Pistol Accuracy Drills

A good drill that can help you get your groups better and make you much more accurate is to simply slow down and don’t rush the shot.  Work on getting your technique correct and worry about speed later.  Train yourself to hit the target where you aim and your speed will increase on its own.

When you are in front of your target take as much time as necessary to keep the shot accurate.  Once you have fired your first shot lower your gun and evaluate your accuracy.  Are you pulling the shot because of trigger finger placement?  Are you anticipating recoil?

Take aim again and fire your next shot.  If you it the bullseye try to put the next round into the same hole.  Again, do not rush your shot.  The goal is to go for accuracy and consistency in your shots.