Self-defense gun considerations for concealed carry

There is a lot of debate in the gun industry about the best self-defense gun.  It is easy to find articles, reviews and videos on various firearms.  Each of them claim that one is better than the other.  These sources explain why the other is a bad choice and the one they promote is the best choice.

The real question you need to be asking is “which gun is best for me for self-defense?”  People are different and have different preferences.  Their likes are as different as the types of tools they use.  One person is better at doing something one way and another person is better at doing it another way.

When deciding which gun you should use for self-defense or home defense, ask yourself a few very important questions.

Is the gun reliable? 

Reliability is the most important thing to consider in my opinion.  No one would get on an airplane that has major problems. They wouldn’t walk on a bridge that could fall at any time.  If you wouldn’t trust your life with those things you shouldn’t trust your life to a gun that could fail when you need it the most.

Will the gun cycle the type of ammo you use?

Not every gun will fire every type of ammo.  You need to make sure your self-defense gun is one that will cycle the ammunition you carry.  You need to take the time to run your defensive ammo in the gun to make sure there will not be any function problems.  I have guns that will run most types of ammo without any issues but will have problems with certain types of defensive loads.  Those guns are only used for the range and not for self-defense.

self-defense guns are important for every day carry

Glock pistols are a popular choice for concealed carry

Are you accurate with your self-defense gun?

It goes without question that some people can shoot one gun better than they can another.  We are legally and morally responsible for every round we fire and if you are not accurate with one gun you should decide to use one that you are accurate with.

Can you effectively manipulate the gun?

Are you able to efficiently reload your self-defense gun and manipulate it without any issues?  Some guns may require more steps to effectively reload than others.   A gun that has a difficult magazine release can delay your reloads.  A gun that has an oversize magazine release may drop the magazine from the gun unintentionally if you accidentally hit it.

How easy is it to conceal?

There are several factors that can influence how concealable a self-defense gun is.  The weather, the way you dress and even your body type can play into how easy one gun can be concealed over another.  Some people may carry one gun during warmer weather when they are wearing less clothing and carry another gun during the colder months when they are layered up.  The size of the gun will impact how easy it is to conceal also.

Once you have found the gun that strikes just the right balance and answers all of these questions you have found the gun that is the right gun for you.  Make your choice based on your own needs and how well you have answered these questions.