Shooting Accuracy Drill Shooting the Strip

Firing an accurate shot is a combination of having the right sight picture and proper trigger control.  The proper sight picture is having the gun aimed at the vertical and horizontal intersection at the center of your target.

While it sounds simple, firing an accurate shot is something that a lot of shooters struggle with and the only way to improve accuracy is to practice the fundamental principles of marksmanship.  Focusing on one element at a time may be the solution to improving accuracy.

One drill that I teach some of my students is shooting the strip.  This drill allows the shooter to work on sight windage and elevation separately as part of their training.  Once improvement is made in both areas separately, those skills are combined to hit the bullseye of the target.

Shooting the strip is simple.  Place a strip of masking tape vertically on one target and another strip of tape horizontally on another.  Following the fundamentals of marksmanship shoot along the strip of tape until your shots are consistently hitting it.

Once you are consistent in hitting the strip on one target, work on hitting the other.  When you become consistent at hitting both targets it’s time to aim for the bullseye.

This exercise may sound simple but it is a good way to improve your shooting accuracy.  It’s also a great way to align your sights also.

Watch the video above for a demonstration of this technique and share your thoughts in the comments below.