Dry Fire Training Drills

Firing an accurate shot from a gun requires a stable stance, a firm grip on the firearm, the proper sight picture and proper trigger control.  You can have everything correct and mess up the shot because of improper trigger control.  Anticipating recoil is one of the causes of firing an accurate shot.

One of the best ways to help improve pistol trigger control is dry fire practice which removes the anticipation of recoil from the equation.  The more you train your body to properly control the trigger, the easier it is to keep your shots on target.

The proper breathing technique can help change your focus from anticipation of recoil to proper breathing.  If you focus on holding the proper sight picture as part of the breathing exercise when you press the trigger the shot will surprise you.

When you practice this technique, focus on keeping the breathing rhythm correct.

  • Slack – take up – breathe in
  • Heavy – press – breathe out
  • Back – breathe in
  • Reset – finger off trigger – breathe out
  • Forward – breathe in and out

A good and inexpensive accessory that you should use with many firearms is snap caps.  Many firearms can be damaged by repeated dry fire but a good snap cap can help eliminate any potential damage.  They are available in most calibers and are relatively inexpensive.

Snap caps can also be used as part of other areas of training such as clearing handgun malfunctions.

The more you develop proper trigger control with your firearm, you will notice improvement in shot accuracy.