The best accessory for your gun is good training

The gun accessory market is filled with virtually anything you could imagine. The explosion of new gun owners has many people wondering exactly what they should buy. With all of the various products that are available on the market today, the best accessory for your gun is good training.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the civil unrest that followed resulted in panic buying of guns and ammo with a large number of those sales going to first time gun owners. People have become aware that they needed the ability to protect themselves during a time of uncertainty. Calls for defunding the police and the drawdown of policing of some areas only added to the anxiety of the day.

Good firearms training starts with the basics

I’ve had the pleasure of watching several people fire their first shots on my range and help them build the fundamentals of accuracy and most importantly, gun safety. Every firearms training class needs to focus on firearms safety more than anything and reinforce the principles of firearms safety throughout.

Everyone who is new to guns or has limited experience with them should take a basic firearms safety class. Most areas have instructors who specialize in working with new shooters. I’ve regularly worked with people who are new to guns myself in many of my concealed carry classes.

It is important for people to have a positive experience whenever they try something new. A bad experience will drive people away and they won’t learn from the classes. Whenever I have students who are new to firearms I will keep my classes limited in number to give time to work with them on the fundamentals of shooting. It is also important to teach students the various methods of concealed carry.

Basic firearms safety classes should only be the beginning of your training

Defensive pistol classes are a great accessory for your gun and will take you beyond the basics into various situations you could face in the real world. There is much more to protecting yourself than standing on a range shooting at a paper target.

If you’re serious about protecting yourself and your family, you should take more advanced firearms training with qualified instructors. Once you understand the principles of safety and marksmanship with a firearm you should build on that knowledge.

Shooting accurately under stress takes a lot more focus and dedication to building your skills. Gun fights never go as planned and you need to learn the skills to adapt to any situation you could find yourself in.

Physical fitness is an important but overlooked accessory for your gun

One thing you will quickly learn in any good defensive pistol training course is the importance of physical endurance. Many classes will see some people who struggle physically due to being in bad physical shape. Part of your training should include physical exercise to help build endurance to keep you from becoming physically exhausted in a fight.

It isn’t necessary for you to become an Olympic athlete, spending all your time in a gym but it is important to get regular exercise. Your ability to function under a lot of intense physical stress is a critical component of protecting yourself. A minimum amount of physical training to help build your endurance is an accessory for your gun that is overlooked by most people.

If you are easily exhausted by such things as walking to the mailbox or running for short distances you will find yourself at a great disadvantage in a fight. The best way to build your physical endurance is by being physically active.

Don’t forget First Aid Training

First aid training is something everyone should take. There is a greater chance that you will save someone’s life using your knowledge of first aid than you ever will with using your gun. The ability to save someone’s life is of greater importance than most people realize.

There are many organizations throughout the country that offer first aid training to anyone wanting to learn how to save someone’s life. These classes are a great way to learn new skills and meet new people in the process.

Think about your daily life and the number of times when you have encountered a situation where someone needed first aid. Car wrecks, health emergencies or even other tragic events such as mass shootings require people who have the skills to stop the bleeding and get victims the help they need.

Continual good training is the best accessory for your gun

Each component of your training will build your overall skills and put you in a better situation whenever something happens. People do not rise to the occasion; they default to their level of training. The better training you have the greater chances of you making a positive impact in a negative situation will be.

Make taking training courses a part of your activities. Taking classes regularly can help keep you learn new skills with each class and keep other skills sharp. I’ve always enjoyed each class I’ve taken over the years and you get the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people.

The work you do will also give you a lot of good memories that will stay with you throughout your life.