First Aid Training is important to save lives

First aid training is available in most parts of the country and should be part of everyone’s skill set. We regularly talk about self defense and ways of protecting life but it is also important to have the skills to treat the injured.

What would your reaction be if you watched someone accidentally get shot at the range? Your reaction to an injury like that could save someone’s life. Every gun owner should understand the basic principles of first aid and how to treat injuries.

Accidents happen and we need to prepare to respond to them. First aid training is a critical component which gives us the ability to correctly respond. First aid is more than having a kit in your bag. You must also have the skills to use it.

First Aid Training is promoted by many organizations

The Department of Homeland Security promotes the Stop the Bleed program by the American Red Cross. The Red Cross offers an online training course to help citizens learn basic first aid skills.

Various companies will offer first aid training to their employees for free. Companies get the benefit of having skilled people on site in the event something happens and employees have the chance to learn valuable life saving skills.

I have taken classes in first aid and CPR over the years and recently renewed my certifications. I wanted to renew my training for a while and I’m glad to have had the opportunity. There have been changes in techniques since the last class I’d taken.

Stopping the bleeding is the first step in saving a life

Stopping the bleeding is the first step in saving some’s life. Injuries can happen anywhere and for a variety of reasons. Car accident or accidents at the work place can result in massive amounts of blood loss.

A significant part of the class was learning techniques to stop bleeding. We learned the proper way to apply correct pressure and to apply a tourniquet when necessary. The section on treating bullet wounds was something I hadn’t taken in any of my previous classes.

Understanding the way to stop bleeding from a bullet wound is very important in today’s world of mass shootings. However, a mass shooter is not the only reason to learn those skills. Remember the example of the gun range earlier in the article?

CPR and AED Training

The nest part of the class was learning to properly perform CPR. The continuous cycle on the training manikins left everyone exhausted and brought an element of reality to how hard it is to perform CPR over a long period of time.

AED training is becoming more common in first aid training classes.

Another section included training on AED’s and how to properly use them. More companies are keeping these devices on hand in order to save lives and are including them in first aid training programs. The devices we used were special simulators that did everything but deliver the shock to an individual.

Part of the prepping and survivalist lifestyle is building various kits. Part of those kits include first aid supplies. First aid kits provide you with the tools necessary to help someone but they are useless unless you have the skills to use them.

It is possible to buy complete first aid kits or assemble your own by purchasing individual components. It is important to rotate any perishable components and replace them before they expire. Any good kit should include a tourniquet, clotting gauze and other bandages.

First aid training is a great learning experience and should be something everyone does. Your level of ability is a direct reflection of your training. People do not rise to the occasion; they default to their level of training.