Best Survival books every Prepper should read

The best survival books every prepper should read are those that will teach you the skills necessary to survive and stay safe during difficult times. Prepppers need to develop their skills through regular training and by studying the lessons learned by others.

Our current situation has caused an increase in the interest of prepping. The outbreak of the coronavirus caused many people to stockpile supplies. The stockpiling has caused a shortage of many items. Gun sales have surged as more people seek to be able to protect themselves during this time of uncertainty.

The list of books in this article are all books I personally own and read. They contain a wealth of information for anyone interested in learning more about prepping and survival.

Each of these books are unique in their own way and this list is in no particular order. However, there is one book in particular that needs to be at the top of the list for everyone.

The Bible

The Bible is the one weapon everyone needs to know how to use.
The Bible is the one weapon everyone needs to know how to use.

The most important book and the most popular throughout the history of the world has always been the Bible. It is overlooked as a survival book by many who fail to recognize it’s importance.

The Bible is filled with stories of how people survived during the harshest of times. It also shows many preparations made by the people of Israel prior to being attacked by their enemies. Biblical teachings have been the biggest impact on our culture and civilization.

How did Israel rebuild the walls of Jerusalem while their enemies were breathing down their neck? How did they survive the siege of Syria? There is much to learn form the Bible.

Regularly studying the Bible will help you grow spiritually and help you learn how to deal with the troubles of life. The Bible is not just a religious book. It is a history book, a book of music and of poetry. It is a book of basic life skills and wisdom.

Surviving the Economic Collapse

Surviving the Economic Collapse details the challenges faced during a collapse of society.
Surviving the Economic Collapse details the challenges faced during a collapse of society.

People who have been through a particular situation are better at helping others navigate those hard times. Surviving the Economic Collapse was written by Fernando Aguirre and details his experience through the economic collapse of Argentina.

The book breaks a lot of the popular myths about survival when society collapses.

The things you think will happen and how people react is much different than what most people believe they will do.

Do you really think you can survive in the woods by yourself? There were many in Argentina who thought that and became easy pray for bands of robbers.

Do you really think all of the survival gear you have is necessary? If you are forced to live out of a backpack would you be able to survive? Those questions and many others are discussed in this book.

This book causes you to reexamine your own thought process about survival and the things that can happen. It forces you to consider the unpredictable actions of others and how to recognize trouble.

100 Deadly Skills

The Navy Seals are known for their training and ability to survive some of the harshest situations known to man. They train for situations very few people could imagine ever being in.

The most extreme situations call for the most extreme skills. Some of the skills demonstrated in this book include  self-defense skills, evasion tactics, and immobilizing maneuvers.

100 Deadly Skills has been modified from the world of black ops—to help you take action in numerous “worst case” scenarios from escaping a locked trunk, to making an improvised Taser, to tricking facial recognition software.

The book is filled with very useful illustrations showing various survival techniques. 100 Deadly Skills is one of those books that grows your interest in the skills you will need.

SAS Survival Handbook

Used by bush craft and survivalists throughout the world, the SAS Survival Handbook is filled with basic wilderness survival skills. This book teaches you how to find the best location to set up camp and how to build a basic shelter.

It also contains basic first aid and how to find food in the wilderness.

Every situation will require some basic tools. If you don’t have them, you will need to make them.

There are many basic tools you can make with limited supplies and the book is filled with illustrations showing you how to make them.

Water is critical to survival and collecting water in the wilderness is an essential skill to have.

This book gives you good practical advice on how to survive in the wilderness. However, it is important for you to spend time putting these skills into practice and develop your abilities.

The Survival Medicine Handbook

What would you do if there was no doctor to call? Would you be able to treat someone who was injured or who has some kind of medical need? If emergency services are not available you will need to be able to help others yourself.

The Survival Medicine Handbook is written by medical professionals who give practical advice anyone can understand.

The book starts off by talking about the survivalist mentality and the need for those who have it.

This book is not necessarily written for those in the medical profession but is written to people who need or want additional knowledge on treating those who are ill or injured during a survival situation.

This book gives you an understanding of how to use some essential medical supplies and helps you to build your medical kit. It walks you through basic first aid as well as more advanced medical treatments.

Dental care and treatment of common dental issues are also covered. Would you know what to do if someone had a cavity or broke a tooth? This book is a wealth of medical knowledge for the survivalist but it is still important to get some training in first aid.

Strategic Relocation

Some places are better than others when it comes to long term survival. Political influences, population density and natural resources all play into survival.

Strategic Relocation helps you to explore the differences between regions of the country.

It examines the politics of the various regions of the country as well as accessibility to natural resources.

The book looks into travel and population trends as well. The growth of population will directly affect the amount of resources available.

Know where you are going before you get there. Know what you need and if you will be able to get it when you arrive at your destination. The more you know about your sphere of survival the better you will be able to prepare yourself.

The best survival books are only information. Practice makes perfect.

It is important to study any survival books in your collection. It is also important that you practice the skills you learn. You need those skills before finding yourself in a survival situation.

Training will help you to better understand the things you read and teach you which of those skills you need to learn more about.

Through regularly practicing the techniques you learn, you will also know exactly the types of gear works and what doesn’t.

Surviving a bad situation is a combination of having the right gear and the right skills to use that gear. Practice makes perfect.