Coronavirus causes increased interest in Prepping

The Coronavirus and the reaction by governments is causing fear among many people throughout the world. However, one group of individuals have been planning for this kind of situation for years.

Most people think of preppers as paranoid individuals who stockpile food and guns as they wait for the end of civilization. Societies throughout history believed they would last for ever. History has shown that the strongest societies will eventually collapse.

The coronavirus has shown that preppers aren’t as crazy as many people thought they were. While multitudes of people rush to the store to buy supplies, preppers see justification in all of their work.

The news has been filled with stories of people in stores fighting over things like toilet paper. Store shelves have been cleared of many commonly needed supplies. People buy cases of water and cleaning supplies. Non perishable foods were quickly bought up also.

Stay at home orders issues by many state governments have further added to the strain of getting supplies as people panic buy things they think they will need.

Mainstream media has taken notice of preppers during this crisis. Some news outlets have published articles with recommendations from preppers on dealing with this pandemic. However, it is important that any preparations need to focus on specific individual needs.

What is Prepping?

The dictionary defines prepping as the practice of making active preparations for a possible catastrophic disaster or emergency, typically by stockpiling food, ammunition, and other supplies.

There is a lot the dictionary fails to mention in its definition. Prepping is much more than stockpiling supplies. It is also about developing the skills necessary to survive a difficult situation.

Prepping is a lifestyle lived by those who take it seriously. A significant part of their money and time are invested into gaining the skills and supplies needed. Why would you buy a bunch of food you won’t eat? Why would you buy a bunch of cheap gear that will fail you when you need it the most?

Committed preppers regularly put their gear and skills to the test and learn from any failures that may happen. We read books to learn about the mistakes made by others and add to our skills.

How Preppers should respond to the coronavirus

Preppers should use the current outbreak as an opportunity to evaluate and adjust their plan. The best laid plan can have a few cracks develop when it is put to the test.

It is important to examine your system’s failures and successes. Look to see where you may have had shortages in supplies or where a piece of gear failed.

It is also important to reach out to others in your community to see if they need help. Teach others the skills you’ve developed and help them start their journey into prepping.

Bringing others into the prepper lifestyle helps grow your own network and make yourself more secure during difficult times.

The interest in prepping is growing because of the coronavirus because so many people were caught off guard by it. Take the current crisis as an opportunity to prepare yourself for the next disaster.