What distance should you practice shooting a pistol?

It is important to practice shooting a pistol at the distances you may need to defend yourself from an attacker. Your proficiency with a pistol is a critical element in protecting yourself from an attack.

With all of the laws passed in an attempt to reduce crime, no law will physically stop someone who intends to harm someone. Each of us have a responsibility to be able to protect ourselves until help arrives. It is important to get some training to develop the skills necessary.

The first place to think about are the various distances inside your home. It is a good idea to have some type of home security system to give you an early warning of an intruder. They are a strong deterrent and monitored systems can automatically call for help for you.

We can take every step to keep someone out of our home but it is clear that they don’t always work. If someone was to enter your home and you were forced to protect yourself, would you be able to make the shot?

Determining the best distance to practice shooting a pistol

Measure down your hallway or the longest distance you can see in your house. Set up a target at that distance the next time you visit the gun range and see how accurate you are at that distance. Practice shooting a pistol or other home defense firearm until you are able to hit accurate shots with little effort.

Practicing at closer distances is very important also. There are times when an attacker could be very close to you and the more accurate you are, the better chance you have in stopping the attack.

Think about the places you go and how you live your life. Put yourself in an attacker’s shoes and imagine what you would do to take advantage of someone. Develop your skills to counter such an attack.