Home Security System Protect Your Home

A home security system is a great tool that can help protect your home.  They can also give you an advantage during a home invasion by notifying you of an intruder.  There are many different types of systems on the market that have a wide range of features.

These systems have the capability of notifying first responders in the event of a burglary or home invasion or a fire. Some systems allow you to communicate directly with first responders through your control panel.

Burglary of your home is a very bad experience.  Home invasion is one of the worst crimes that can happen to someone and often results in assault or worse. It is important to take every advantage possible to prevent these types of crime from happening.

What the experts say

Security experts from around the world encourage people to install security systems in their homes.  Various studies have shown the effectiveness of home security systems on crime.  They show most burglars usually avoid homes with security systems.

Burglars are most attracted to homes that do not have a home security system.  The reports also show only 17% of houses have a system in place.  Homes without a security system are 300% more likely to be burglarized.

These studies show that placing security system signs on your property will deter criminals.  This holds true for homes that don’t have a system installed.   Anything that deters a criminal from targeting your home is an option you should consider.

Home Security System Features

There is a wide range of features each system offers.  Home security systems have evolved into home automation systems.  Some of these systems can turn on and off lights and even adjust the HVAC system for you.

Examine your home and the neighborhood you live in to determine the best type of system for you.  Consider the relationship you have with your neighbors as part of the process.

Remote Monitoring

A home security system can help reduce the chance your home is targeted by criminals.

A home security system can help reduce the chance your home is targeted by criminals.

Remote monitoring is the most popular feature of home security systems.  Home security system notifications do not usually go directly to the police or fire department.  When an event happens, the system notifies a central monitoring system.

An agent from the call center will try to contact the homeowner to see if the call is an actual emergency.  The homeowner usually has a password known only to them and to the agent to verify the identity of the person called.  Most monitoring companies have a hostage code or another way for the homeowner to give notice of a hostage situation.

Not all monitoring services are the same and you need to research the company you choose.  Avoid any company that is not certified through Underwriter’s Laboratory.  There is a process they must go through to ensure their service is legitimate.


Remote monitoring does require a monthly fee which some people may not want.  Changes in technology give the homeowner the ability to remotely monitor their systems without the need of paying a monthly bill.

Envisalink and similar devices are compatible with many types of home security systems.  They also give the owner the choice of self-monitoring or call center monitoring.

The disadvantage of self-monitoring is only people on the notification list will be notified instead of a central monitoring station.  Everyone on the notification list needs to follow a plan of action to notify first responders of the event.

Another Way Home Security Systems save you money

Many insurance companies offer discounts on homeowners insurance for homes that have installed systems.  The amount of the discount varies from one company to the next.  However, this discount can cover the cost of the monitoring service.  However, most insurance do not offer the discount for homeowner installed systems.

Fire detection is one of the most common features of any home security system.  These systems can notify the fire department.

If a fire is detected soon enough, first responders may be able to save your home from total destruction.  This will depend on their response time and other factors of the fire.


It is important for you to consider the advantages and disadvantages of a home security system.  In my opinion they are a good investment that can save your life.  Criminals are becoming more forceful in some areas and they must be met with a strong response.

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  1. One small point. If you are going to have the signs that say you have a system get the signs that have a real company name. You can get the signs that say that you home is protected by an electronic security system with no name but the bad guys know that you don’t have anything. Any good company will put their name on it.

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