Point Shooting a pistol without using sights

There may be a time when you may not be able to get a proper sight picture on your gun. Instinctive point shooting of a pistol tales a lot of practice.  The technique could potentially save your life from an attacker.

The most reliable way to fire an accurate shot is to use your sights.  Some situations may not give you the opportunity to do so.  For example, if you are in direct contact with an attacker it could be impossible for you to see your sights.  Most attacks happen when you don’t expect it.  Criminals seek opportunity for an easy score.

Point shooting a pistol is a good self-defense skill to have with your firearm.

Point shooting a pistol is a good self-defense skill to have with your firearm.

A skilled mechanic can use many of his tools without seeing them.  Some repairs will only allow for you to feel the bolt that must be removed.  Your gun is a tool also and can be used in many ways.  It is important to build your skills with your tools, especially those used to protect yourself.

The way your gun feels in your hand in relation to your target is unique.  Practicing point shooting will help you become more accurate.

Point shooting technique

Take a proper grip on your gun and draw it from a holster.  Point the gun in the direction of your target and fire a shot.  See where the shot hit and make adjustments to your hold.  Repeat this exercise until you hit consistent shots on target.

Train with the gun you intend to use for self-defense and practice until you can hit center mass of your target at close range.

We are legally and morally responsible for every round we fire and while we need to make every attempt to get a proper sight picture, the reality is we may need to be able to aim a pistol without using the sights in order to stop an attack.