Drawing a pistol from its holster

One of the first drills that everyone needs to regularly practice is drawing a pistol from its holster and firing an accurate shot on target. This is a fundamental drill in defensive shooting.

It is important to practice drawing a pistol slowly until you get the basic elements down correctly and are able to put accurate shots on target.  Accurate pistol shooting is a skill that developed over time through practice.  Work on improving your accuracy as part of this drill.

This drill helps to build the basic skills you will need to draw from concealment.  If you cannot effectively draw from a standard holster and put an accurate shot on target, you will have a greater amount of trouble when you try to draw from concealment.

The basic steps include keeping your support hand somewhere on your body away from your firearm.  Shooting yourself in a gun fight is a good way to lose. Keep your support hand against your body.  Move your support hand to your pistol after you rotate the muzzle towards the target.

Take the proper grip on your pistol, draw it from the holster, rotate the muzzle towards your target, join your support hand and extend out. Transition your focus from your target to the front sight post on your pistol. It is important to keep you finger off the trigger until you are on target so you don’t have a negligent discharge.

Proper sight picture and sight alignment is the key to firing an accurate shot.

If you regularly train your eyes on the front sight post you will notice your accuracy improve.  You will also acquire the target faster.

Once you have placed a shot on target, re-holster and repeat the exercise.  Do not worry about speed until you become comfortable and accurate in each of your shots.  Get the technique down first and the speed will come later.