Carrying Concealed Firearms and your Cellphone

Carrying concealed firearms for self defense is growing across the nation as more people decide to learn to protect themselves from criminals.  Cellphones are another important tool for contacting emergency services.

In today’s world the cellphone is a dramatic convenience as well as a lifesaving tool.  There are numerous stories where someone was able to access emergency services either through a direct call or even using text or social media apps.

If you ever found yourself in a defensive situation your cellphone would allow you call for help.  Beyond how you are carrying concealed pistols, where do you carry your cellphone?  Suppose you have had to draw your firearm to defend yourself and needed to call for help. Would you be able to maintain a grip on your pistol or would you have to put your pistol in the opposite hand to get your phone?

Carrying concealed guns is important for self defense. Concealed carry should include a cellphone to call for help.

During each of my concealed carry classes I teach students they should carry their cellphones on the opposite side of where they carry their handgun.  The reason for this is it is much easier to get to your phone without having to change shooting hands.  Reaching over to your opposite side to get your phone may also be a challenge.

In a stressful situation the difficulty level of doing simple tasks dramatically increases.  That is why we should try to simplify these tasks as much as possible.

As a right handed shooter I carry my cellphone on my left side. I practice reaching for it as part of my training.  Building muscle memory to grab your cellphone is almost as important in building it to grab your gun.  We do not rise to the occasion; we default to our level of training and that is why our phones need to be part of that training.