Kimber Pro Raptor II 1911 45acp Pistol

The Kimber Pro Raptor II 1911 is an amazing looking pistol. I recently found a used model at a local gun store that I couldn’t pass up. Even though the gun was used, it obviously hadn’t been shot very much.

I’ve been wanting to increase my 1911 collection for quite some time. I have a few different models such as my Taurus PT 1911, my Rock Island 1911 and a couple others currently tucked away in my safe.

Pistols are like potato chips; you can’t have just a couple. The Kimber Pro Raptor II has a personality all its own with the chain link cuts on the slide and grip. These cuts extend onto the grip panel and helps you keep a solid grasp on the pistol when shooting.

The Pro Raptor II has a little more muzzle flip than a full sized 1911. However, it is still very manageable for most shooters who use proper grip techniques.

Kimber 1911’s are as close to a custom 1911 as you can get without paying a custom price. Kimber pistols are either loved or hated in the gun community but their popularity cannot be questioned.

Kimber Pro series pistols are basically a commander sized 1911 with a shorter slide and a full sized grip and are designed for concealed carry. The Kimber Pro Raptor II is one of the custom pistols offered by the company.

Even as gun sales surge due to the COID-19 pandemic it is still possible to find some Kimber models on the market. However, it is getting harder to find specific models of these unique pistils.

A 1911 is not the first choice for concealed carry of many people. They are typically heavier and have slightly less ammo capacity. There are some people who do not like a manual safety on a defensive firearm either.