The pandemic and riots are changing views on guns

The COVID-19 pandemic and riots across the country are changing the views many people have about guns and their importance to self defense. Liberal politicians are working to defund the police in major cities which has caused an increase in crime. Citizens of those cities are learning that the police cannot protect them and they must protect themselves.

Gun sales have surged primarily due to first time gun buyers rushing to buy weapons to protect themselves. The dramatic increase in gun and ammo sales have resulted in an ammo shortage.

Many first time gun buyers are learning how difficult it can be in some states to exercise your Constitutional rights to own a firearm. Countless numbers of videos online show frustrated people trying to navigate the system.

Those who once supported gun control laws and new little about firearms are learning how difficult it can be to purchase a gun to protect themselves. They are learning that the media hype about gun show loopholes and ordering online is all false.

As a concealed carry instructor I’ve seen people from across the political landscape come to my classes. Each of these individuals said they decided to buy a gun to be able to protect themselves.

Changing views on guns will impact the political landscape as more people refuse to vote for politicians who call for more gun control laws. Political differences will remain between candidates but the one issue that will be less continuous will be the right to keep and bear arms.