Taurus PT92 Fifteen Year Review

There are a ton of videos and articles on various guns that come out on the market.  One question that none of them can answer is “how does it hold up over time?”

Well, there is one gun in my collection that I can easily talk about and has shown itself to be very reliable.

I’ve had my Taurus PT 92 for over fifteen years, shot countless rounds through it and have only had one issue with it in that time.

Growing up when movies like Die Hard and Lethal Weapon were popular and the gun of choice was the Beretta 92.  How did we get from the Beretta to the Taurus?  There is a very easy answer to that question.

I loved the look of the Beretta but was unable to afford one at the time.  I found the Taurus 92 which looks very similar and was a lot cheaper.  I bought the Taurus but wanted a Beretta but I’ve never regretted my decision and I still enjoy shooting my Taurus.

The more I shot the Taurus 92 the more I enjoyed it and found it to be very accurate, especially when compared to more expensive guns I now own.

Over the years the only problem I had with it was a broken magazine release.  I shipped it back to Taurus for the repair and it has been reliable ever since.

I’ve carried it open and concealed.  I’ve had it as a truck gun and as just a range gun and have no problem reaching for it on occasion even today.  The Taurus PT 92 is a great value and a great gun.