Ankle Holsters for Concealed Carry

The ankle holster is a very good option for carrying a gun in certain situations.  Ankle carry is generally used to carry a backup gun or for situations where deep concealment is necessary.  If you are ever in a defensive situation and your primary gun malfunctions, an ankle gun can literally be a lifesaver.

Handguns used for ankle carry are generally small compared to other carry options.  It would be difficult for anyone to conceal a full sized pistol in an ankle holster.  As concealed carry has increased and the demand for smaller pistols increased along with it, there are many sub-compact pistol options available on the market today.

It is very important to consider carefully the pistol you use for any form of concealed carry.  Can you shoot it accurately?  Is it reasonably comfortable for you to shoot?  If you say no to either of these questions, you will want to consider a different handgun.

Ankle Holster drawing considerations

One of the biggest considerations of ankle carry is your ability to reach your firearm if you ever needed it.  Some people cannot easily reach their ankles very quickly from a standing position and could be at a great disadvantage if they needed to defend themselves.  However, depending on the situation, ankle carry may be the only option.  Better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it.

If you work in an office or another job where you are seated regularly, ankle carry may be a good option and may make your firearm reasonably accessible when you are seated.

Gun will get dirty faster

Guns used for ankle carry need regular cleaning.  Dirt and other containment that you stir up while walking can easily get into the firearm and can cause a malfunction.  That is why regular cleaning is important.

An ankle holster is one option for concealed carry guns.

An ankle holster is one option for concealed carry guns.

Ankle carry holsters range from quality comfortable holsters to those that are comparable to medieval torture devices.  Cheaper is not better and neither is buying the most expensive holster on the market.  Look for a holster that fits your firearm and is comfortable to wear.

I like an ankle holster that has some type of support from your upper leg.  Many ankle holsters will migrate down to the top of your shoe as you walk and can be very uncomfortable.  If the holster you choose isn’t comfortable, there is a greater chance you will not wear it.

Choose the right clothing

Your pants need to be loose around your lower leg.  Loose fitting pants easily cover your firearm and allow you to easily access it if you needed it.  If it is difficult for you to put on your holster, it will be even more difficult for you to get to your gun.

If ankle carry is one option you use as part of your concealed carry of a weapon, be sure to practice drawing and shooting your handgun.  The added stress of drawing from an ankle holster will affect your accuracy and make shot placement more of a challenge.