Pistol shooting on the move drills

If you study self defense situations you will quickly see that it is rare that the person defending themselves is standing still.  They are usually trying to get to cover away from their attacker.

Unfortunately, a lot of training we see involves stationary shooting practice.  It is a good thing to train for accuracy, practice reloading and target transition, but it is also important to learn how to shoot while on the move.

This type of drill can be dangerous especially to someone who has little or no experience in this type of tactic.  You might want to seek professional firearms training to assist you in learning this skill.

Before firing any shots, it is a good idea to practice holding proper sight picture while moving toward the target.  You can then add backing away from the target as well as side to side motions.  Setting up barricades will help add additional levels of stress and help you improve even more.

Once you become comfortable holding a sight picture while moving, add in a few magazine changes also.  Keep practicing this until you become more comfortable.

It is impossible to stress how critical safety is in practicing this drill. Always keep your gun pointed down range.  If you stumble and have a negligent discharge, there will be less chance of someone being injured.  Again, if you’ve never done this type of drill you may want to seek professional training before trying it.

The more you practice this drill the better you will become.  We train for situations we hope never come but it is better to be prepared in the tragic event one does happen.