Don’t Buy Cheap Gun Safes

One of the greatest tragedies we hear on the news is when a child gets access to a parent’s gun and harms themselves or another child.  As gun owners we have a responsibility to be safe with our firearms and to keep others around us safe as well.  We must take steps to keep anyone in our home, including visitors, safe by not allowing easy access to them.

There is a balance between the need of accessibility and secure storage that is different in every home.  If others in the family are old enough and responsible enough the level of securing firearms may not need to be as high as with other families with smaller kids or members who shouldn’t have access.

One of the more popular ways of securing a firearm is a gun safe or lock box.  Unfortunately, there are several types on the market that are not very good quality and are easily accessed.  During my Concealed Carry classes I show a video of children opening many of the types of safes that are on the market.  Most students are shocked by how easily some safes are opened.

Virtually any safe can be accessed by someone who has the time and ability.  The level of difficulty should be higher than the ability of unauthorized people, especially children.  Just because something looks sturdy and secure doesn’t mean it actually is.

It is important for us to take the time doing research on the type of safe we are looking to get.  I recommend looking up ways to access the particular safe you are considering.  There are videos on most models on the market showing tricks to opening them.

A decent safe is still less expensive than most firearms and it’s better to spend money on something to keep people safe than it is to lose a loved one.