Aim Small Miss Small increases handgun shooting accuracy

The one common question among firearms enthusiasts is how can I shoot better? When it comes to improving handgun accuracy, the phrase aim small miss small isn’t just for Hollywood movies and eludes to several elements needed for firing an accurate shot.

Everyone has heard the phrase which appeared in the Mell Gibson movie “The Patriot” but it is a very solid approach to improving your shooting abilities. The reason the aim small miss small technique works is because it forces you to improve the individual elements of shooting accuracy.

Keep the gun from moving

The more stable you keep your gun when aiming the better your shot will be. The only way to keep the gun from moving around is for it to be on a stable platform. The platform could simply be the person holding it which means you need to be as stable as possible. If you don’t have a good stance when holding your gun you will have a harder time keeping it from moving.

The most accurate snipers take every step possible to keep their bodies from influencing the gun in any way. While it is difficult to do, it is something you need to master if you want to be an accurate shooter. If you are unstable in your stance you will not be the solid foundation your gun needs.

A sniper usually uses something solid to rest their gun on. If you’re shooting the gun while holding it, there are various techniques to brace yourself and the gun that you need to use which includes your stance and grip on the firearm.

These two elements are both necessary for shooting rifles and shotguns and are even more critical when shooting pistols. Imagine if someone were trying to push you over from various directions. You would brace yourself to resist their efforts. You need to brace yourself in a similar way in order to keep your gun still.

Aim small miss small forces you to focus on proper sight picture

Once you have laid the solid foundation of a good stance for your gun you must have the proper sight picture and proper sight alignment. It is important to remember to focus on your front sight and have it placed properly on the target.

Your sights are a critical element in firing an accurate shot with any gun. There are various types of sights available but the fundamentals of all remain exactly the same. The sights are to draw your eye to the front sight post while still giving you a good view of your target area.

The smaller your target the harder you need to focus on your sights to ensure they are not moving as you begin to build pressure on the trigger. Keep them from moving throughout the entire process of pressing the trigger.

Trigger control

Many people try to downplay the importance of proper trigger control by saying that errors in trigger control can be overcome with a good grip and stance. While it is possible to that, why would you want to compensate for bad technique?

The most accurate shooters will always tell you that trigger control is a critical element in handgun shooting accuracy. There are various practice techniques to help improve trigger control and make your shots more accurate.

Proper trigger finger placement can greatly impact your trigger press and affect sight picture. To little trigger finger for a right handed shooter will push the shot left. To much trigger finger will pull the shot right. Learn exactly where your finger needs to be on the trigger and remember that it may vary slightly with different guns.