The human Right of Self Defense

The most basic of human rights is the right of self defense and self protection. The individual has a moral duty to protect oneself from physical harm inflicted by another.

Rights of self protection may vary from nation to nation and even state to state. Some countries will not allow you to use a firearm or other weapons in self defense. Other nations such as the United States do allow firearms to be used. States vary in laws governing acceptable use of a force in self defense but clearly all allow it under certain situations.

Throughout the history of the world individuals have had to fight against those who would harm them. The laws of virtually every nation offers some type of legal protection for potential victims who protect themselves from an attacker.

Rarely is the right of self defense ever questioned when it is clearly used lawfully to protect oneself. Unfortunately we are seeing that right questioned and those who refuse to become a victim are now being victimized by a system that should protect them.

Self defense training for women may include learning how to shoot a gun.
Self defense training for women may include learning how to shoot a gun.

Law enforcement cannot always protect you

Self defense training is an important part of preserving your life and keeping yourself safe from harm. Making preparations and getting the necessary training will help you survive a bad situation.

A lot of people have the false idea that law enforcement will be there to protect them if something ever happens. The reality is that law enforcement cannot be everywhere at all times. As the old saying goes, “when seconds count, police are minutes away.”

“The police cannot protect the citizen at this stage of our development, and they cannot even protect themselves in many cases. It is up to the private citizen to protect himself and his family, and this is not only acceptable, but mandatory.” -Colonel Jeff Cooper.

We have seen many examples recently showing 911 plainly telling people they cannot help them. Imagine the horror someone must feel when they realize no one is there for them and no one is coming to save them.

What do you do when those who are charged with protecting you plainly tell you they can’t help? You can either lay down and allow criminals to do whatever they want to you or you can fight back.

Criminals do not fear the police any longer. Most have an extensive record of repeated incarcerations. They seek out those who they believe are easy targets and can also be very manipulative of others when taking advantage of them.

Police officers are resigning in large numbers or taking early retirement due to recent events and increased scrutiny from the media and politicians.

The riots which are happening across the nation are becoming much worse for innocent people. We are seeing people getting beaten and even shot by rioters who block the streets.

Growing tensions are keeping everyone on edge and more people are being forced to push back against the attackers.

The right of self defense is often threatened by the justice system

The victimization of an innocent person can extend beyond the actions committed against them by a criminal. We are seeing the victimization continue by a judicial system that often ignores clear justifications for self defense.

Mob outrage is dominating the decisions made by public officials. Law enforcement, politicians and prosecutors choose to investigate, arrest and even imprison individuals for defending themselves for the purpose of satisfying the mob.

When the justice system goes after the intended victim of a crime for protecting themselves, the right of self defense is severely threatened. Every citizen in the nation becomes subjects of mob rule which clearly has no thought about the harm they cause to others.

There are two recent cases that highlight the abuse of our justice system against those who protected themselves. Both of these cases show that officials are willing to bend the knee to the mob and do as they say instead of following the law.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey investigated for standing against rioters

Mark McCloskey and his wife Patricia McCloskey were seen on a viral video protecting their home from a large group of rioters who broke down a gate to their private community.

The police didn’t respond and neither did the private security company who was supposed to protect them. The McCloskey’s had previously watched businesses in their city burn and a police officer murdered.

Fearing for their lives when the mob broke through the gate, they did the only thing they could. The couple armed themselves. They were threatened by the mob who also threatened to burn down their home. Watch the video below for more on the incident.

A St. Louis prosecutor is launching an investigation into the couple and is trying to bring charges against them. McCloskey told CNN exactly why he felt that his life was in danger.

It is clearly shown in the video that the media is also opposed to the couple’s right of self defense. The couple was left to defend themselves and their home without any help. Private security nor the police did anything to help prevent the mob from coming in.

The outrage mob is supported by the media while the justice system and the media persecute them as a warning to anyone who would resist mob rule.

Eric and Jillian Wuestenberg arrested and charged with felony for defending themselves

Another case that shows several serious issues involves Eric and Jillian Wuestenberg. This is a shocking case that highlights many problems including the victim mentality of some people. The first issue is that we clearly see the couple trying to leave a bad situation peacefully but are physically blocked by a black woman, her daughter and others.

Not only were the couple blocked, they were clearly threatened with violence and their car was being repeatedly hit. The BIGGEST outrage for me is that they were arrested for doing what anyone would do.

Since the encounter and arrest, Eric has been fired from his job and both charged with felony assault. The right of self defense should have protected them from these clear injustices.

A pregnant woman with her two other kids along with her husband had no options and are being attacked. The attackers then claimed to be the victims in this case and the pathetic justice system sides with the attackers.

We see this same type of behavior from the rioters who attack people and then claim the person they attacked are the racists and that they are the victims.

This is also what police officers deal with regularly and the outrage mob keeps fanning the flames causing our justice system to tie the hands of cops and individual citizens.

This approach by the system turns innocent victims into criminals and emboldens the real criminals to become more aggressive.

These people are the lowest of trash and the man and wife should have never been arrested. It’s simple, don’t attack people. Don’t block them from trying to leave a bad situation and STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM WHEN YOU STARTED THE PROBLEM!!!!

American citizens must stand up to the mob. We must stand up to officials who would rather satisfy the mob than protect individual rights. We must unite against both of them.

The mob has gained control of the political class who are quick to give them everything they want. Mob rule is a threat to the right of self defense as well as all other rights we have.

If we allow the mob to continue to break the law and allow them to control public officials; if we allow those officials to jail innocent people to satisfy the mob, we have lost all of our freedoms.

The military and law enforcement take an oath to protect this nation from all enemies, foreign or domestic. Unfortunately today, a lot of this nations enemies are domestic terrorists who are trying to destroy us from within.

The right of self defense includes protecting our communities and our nation. We the people MUST stand up to protect ourselves, our rights and our nation from all of those who threaten it.