Advantages of a CCDW License under Kentucky Constitutional Carry

Kentucky has become the sixteenth state to pass Constitutional Carry.  Kentucky Constitutional Carry allows people, who can legally own a firearm, carry them concealed without a license.

Constitutional Carry places the Second Amendment into its rightful place and the Constitution being the standard of laws in this country.

The state already allows citizens to openly carry a firearm without requiring any training or licensing.  Covering a gun with a shirt or jacket would require you to have a concealed carry license.

The process of getting a Concealed Carry License in Kentucky includes taking a class from a certified instructor.

Advantages of a Concealed Carry License under Kentucky Constitutional Carry  

Constitutional Carry is growing across the nation as more states removing restrictions on carrying firearms.  However, there are advantages of having a concealed carry license.

The Supreme Court is hearing a case which may result in expanding gun rights for millions of citizens.

The Supreme Court is hearing a case which may result in expanding gun rights for millions of citizens.

If someone decided to travel out of state they would need to have a concealed carry license to carry their gun.  Constitutional Carry ends at the state line and not having a license makes it illegal to carry concealed in some states.

The laws surrounding carrying a firearm do not change.  There are places you cannot carry your gun such as police stations, schools and other locations.  The class covers the legal details of locations where you can and cannot carry a gun. It is important to understand the laws surrounding the use of a gun in self defense also.

Buying guns is easier with a concealed carry license because it saves time.  If you don’t have a concealed carry license the dealer is required to run a background check through the NIX system. People with no criminal background have been flagged by the system.

Gun Safety

It is important for people who are new to firearms to get training.  Gun safety is the primary focus of the concealed carry classes.  People who are irresponsible with firearms are a danger to themselves and others in the community.

The concealed carry class focuses on safety in the home, while carrying and at the range.  It is important to have a good foundation of gun safety.

The Second Amendment is an important right.  The freedom we have under it comes with a great responsibility.