Universal background checks lead to gun registry

Anti-gun politicians promote universal background checks to reduce crime. Enforcement of universal background checks is impossible without gun registration.

The newly elected democratic majority in the House of Representatives is introducing bills that include universal background checks fore the entire country.

A database of every gun and gun owner would be the only way for police to enforce a universal background check system. Gun registration is also a direct assault on the fourth amendment as well.

Gun transfers come with added fees

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Universal background checks would require someone to take a gun to a licensed dealer. The purchaser would then go through a background check by the dealer and either the buyer or seller would pay the transfer fee.

The additional fees can add a financial burden on poorer people and make it harder for them to exercise their Constitutional rights.

Gun registration leads to gun confiscation

A quick study of history shows that gun registration always leads to gun confiscation. History has shown governments who slaughter their own citizens first disarm them.

Universal background checks lead to gun registration.  Gun registration always leads to gun confiscation.
Universal background checks lead to gun registration. Gun registration always leads to gun confiscation.

The Nazis couldn’t have slaughtered six-million Jews unless they first disarmed them. People who can protect themselves do not willingly load themselves into boxcars bound for death camps.

The same patterns repeat themselves. Governments expand gun control laws by claiming it will reduce crime. Gun registration is promoted as a way to keep criminals from owning guns. The registration is then used to collect the guns from citizens. Once the citizens are disarmed, the government is able to do whatever it wants.

Universal background checks wouldn’t stop criminals from getting guns

Gun control laws fail to reduce crime and only give more power to criminals and corrupt politicians seeking to expand government. Areas with the strictest gun control laws also have the highest rates of gun violence.

Politicians say background checks would keep guns out of the hands of criminals. However, criminals do not get their guns legally. Most criminals get their guns on the black market or steal them from someone else.

Someone who is a convicted felon cannot legally purchase or possess a firearm. However, news reports regularly highlight cases where convicted felons had a firearm in their possession.

The British have very strict gun control laws that ban most people from owning them. An article published in The Guardian shows that criminals will still get guns.

We must maintain our freedom

The freedoms we enjoy came at a great price. If we become complacent and lose those freedoms, we may never regain them. Our ancestors fought and died in wars to gain and protect our liberty. If we allow government to keep taking our freedom away, our kids will carry a greater burden.

History has shown tyranny growing in every society where the people don’t resist it. If we do not protect our freedoms, no one else will.