Why you should carry a gun

Self-defense is about having the right strategy, knowledge and tools to protect yourself and your family.  While self-defense is not just about carrying a firearm, it is a large part of it.

It is unfortunate that some people who have a license to carry a firearm rarely actually carry it.  You cannot use something you don’t have with you if you need to protect yourself.

It is clear from news reports and events that happen regularly that it is impossible to predict what will happen in the future.  We cannot always know when we may need to protect ourselves from an attacker but we can get the training and have the tools with us that will help to keep us safe.  Keeping your firearm on you and regularly training with it may save your life or the life of someone else.

Another reason to carry your firearm is that building the habit of having it on you will lower the chances of you accidently leaving it somewhere.  Occasionally we hear in the news about a firearm being left somewhere which puts the safety of others at great risk if the wrong person gets it.

How often have you forgotten your cellphone or your wallet?  Generally you know if you don’t have it and will often make a special trip to get it.  If you regularly carry your firearm you will recognize when it isn’t with you much easier.