Tactical Shotgun Loading Techniques

The shotgun is one of the most common home defense weapons in the country.  They are a very versatile firearm that has quite a punch.

It is important for the user to regularly train with the shotgun they keep for defense to ensure they are efficient with it if the need arises.  Part of that training should include being able to quickly reload it.

If you’re not shooting, you need to be reloading.  Keeping extra shells on the gun or readily accessible is a necessity due to the limited amount of ammunition a shotgun can hold.

Different models of shotguns will require slightly different techniques to reload them.  No matter the type of shotgun you use for self-defense you need to be able to reload it quickly or consider a different model that you can.

The video above demonstrates a couple different ways to reload a shotgun.  The faster you are, the better chance you have in protecting yourself.