Carrying a gun at home

With all of the discussion surrounding carrying a gun in public either concealed or open, one area that doesn’t get a lot of discussion is carrying a gun while at home.

There are mixed thoughts on carrying a gun at home with some people seeing it unnecessary and others who are very supportive of it.  Carrying a gun at home just like carrying a gun in public is a matter of personal choice.

One big topic of carrying a gun at home is safety with some people considering it unsafe to carry while at home.  However, if you plan on keeping a gun accessible for self-defense it is safer for everyone in the home for it to be under your direct control instead of lying on a table or in a drawer.

It is impossible to keep kids from being curious about guns and if they know if one is accessible they will want to see it and possibly show their friends.  This is where tragic stories begin and why we need to take all precautions in keeping others safe.

If a gun is in a drawer or on a table away from you, it is much easier for someone else to gain access to it.  However, if you are carrying the gun, no one will be able to access it without you knowing.

Different neighborhoods have different rates of crime and while it is true that different areas have different crime rates, how often do we hear on the news about tragic crimes in supposedly quiet neighborhoods?

If your gun is locked away in your safe or in another room when someone breaks into your home it is more difficult for you to get to it to be able to protect yourself.  It is also an opportunity for an unarmed criminal to become an armed criminal if they got to your gun before you did.

Personally, I keep a gun with me at all times, even when I’m at home for each of these reasons.  I don’t want my kids to have access to one without my knowledge and I want to have the ability to protect myself and family without having to try to get to my safe and get it unlocked before it’s too late.

It is our responsibility to be prepared to protect ourselves and we need to keep the necessary tools accessible for us to do it.

Do you carry a gun while at home?  Please share your thoughts below in the comments.