Acquiring Proper Sight Alignment Faster Shooting Drill

Part of most everyone’s handgun training sessions includes trying to acquire proper sight alignment faster. The proper technique will help you quickly align your sights and help improve your accuracy.  The proper sight picture is an essential part of making an accurate shot with your gun.

The first step in the process is knowing exactly where to look and where your focus needs to be.  It is impossible for the human eye to focus on the rear sight, the front sight and the target at the same time.   The primary focus of your eye needs to be on the front sight post.

It is difficult to get some shooters to understand the front sight focus concept.  Once they do, their accuracy will improve.  One mistake made by some shooters is they will look to their rear sight.  They will move the pistol around until they find the front sight post.  Your focus should always be on the front sight even when beginning your alignment with your target.

Proper Sight Alignment Target Transition Drill

Proper sight picture and proper sight alignment is the key to firing an accurate shot.

Proper sight picture and proper sight alignment is the key to firing an accurate shot.

Begin with your eyes on your target and raise your pistol into your sight picture with the front sight slightly elevated above the rear sight.  Once your front sight post is in view, your focus should transition to it.  Imagine you are playing basketball and bring the rear sight up and drop the front sight post into the slot.

When you transition from one target to another, let your eyes lead the way.  Bring the muzzle of the pistol up slightly as you move it back into your line of sight.  As the gun comes into your line of sight, transition your focus to the front sight post and make sure you have proper sight alignment.

Ii demonstrate this technique in the video above to help give you a better understanding of how this technique works.  The video also demonstrates how to transition from one target to another and quickly regain proper sight picture and sight alignment.