Pistol shooting targets for accuracy

There are a lot of different types of targets available on the market today.  Some of them are a great way to have fun with your friends at the range and others are great in helping you to improve your shooting accuracy.

If you enjoy shooting the way I do, you certainly have used many different types of targets.  I’ve spend countless hours in my backyard shooting range shooting one of my pistols, working on accuracy and also shooting just for fun.

In the video above, I review a couple different targets that I’ve bought which are intended to help you improve your shooting accuracy.  I usually give one of these targets to my Concealed Carry students to help them become better shooters and encourage them to practice.

I also enjoy shooting some of the game targets that are available.  These are a great way to pass time with friends and claim bragging rights when you win.

Are there any specific targets you like to shoot?  Comment below with your answer.