Proper pistol grip is critical for self-defense

Proper pistol grip is critical for self defense shooting, especially when drawing from a holster under stress. The grip you have on your pistol when you draw, is the grip you will have throughout the duration of the gunfight.

Whatever method you use when carrying a pistol for self defense, you need to efficiently deploy that firearm if an event happens. If you have a bad grip on your pistol, you will not be able to control it properly and will not be as accurate when shooting.

Anyone who carries a pistol for self defense needs to remember that we are morally and legally responsible for every round we fire. If you are inaccurate with your firearm and harm an innocent bystander you become the criminal.

Proper pistol grip must be taught in every firearms training class

No matter if it is a basic concealed carry class or an advanced fighting pistol class, instructors should ensure that students at all levels of skill understand and use a proper grip on their pistol when drawing it from a holster.

It is a good idea to have a review of the basics of getting the proper grip when drawing from a holster and continuing that grip throughout the duration of the exercise. If someone cannot properly draw a firearm from a holster under a controlled environment, they will not be able to draw their gun under extreme stress.

If the gun doesn’t fit your hand properly, you will not be able to get a proper grip

One of the trends today is for firearms manufacturers to make very small sub compact pistols targeting the concealed carry market. One of the problems with this way of thinking is that guns with small grips make it impossible for you get a proper grip.

If you carry a pistol, you need to make sure that gun fits your hands properly. Don’t let someone else decide which gun you should carry. It is a decision you need to make for yourself by doing your research and shooting different types of pistols yourself.

What is a proper grip on your pistol?

One way you can tell if you are getting a proper grip on your pistol is to close your eyes and point at something across the room. Most people can easily and accurately do this without much thought. A proper pistol grip will allow you to do that very thing only with a gun in your hand.

Your primary hand should be as far up as possible without interfering with the operation of the slide. The middle of the webbing between your thumb and your forefinger should be directly in the middle of the backstrap on the pistol. Wrap your fingers around the grip with your middle finger directly under the trigger guard and your trigger finger in a high index position. KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER UNTIL YOUR EYES ARE ON THE SIGHTS!.

The opening between the tips of your fingers and the fleshy part of your hand is where you will place your support hand as described below. There should be no gap between your hands when properly done.

Once you master getting the proper grip on a gun, regularly practice getting a proper grip on your gun when you draw from a holster.