1791 Gunleather Holster Review

Can you get a custom quality holster at an affordable price? The answer to that question is very clear. 1791 Gunleather is a manufacturer of high quality holsters that are very affordable.

It’s easy for this article to sound like nothing more but an advertisement for the company but I’ve literally put my money where my mouth is in buying their products. Their holsters are fantastic and are very much worth the money.

If you have been a follower of my YouTube Channel, you know that I’m a fan of the holsters from 1791 Gunleather and own several of them. One of the first holsters I purchased from the company was for my Sig Sauer P226 MK 25. I wanted a nice leather holster to carry this classic firearm.

Shortly after receiving that holster and seeing the quality of if, I added others to my collection including for my Sig P320 and for my 1911’s. It goes without question that 1791 Gunleather knows how to make a great holster.

Just like the firearm you choose to carry, the holster you buy should be seen as an investment. It should be comfortable and secure your firearm properly. As I teach in all of my concealed carry classes, if you don’t have a comfortable holster, you won’t carry your gun. If you don’t carry your gun, you won’t be able to protect yourself with it if the need ever arises.

The best way to see the quality in craftsmanship of a leather holster is to look closely at the edges. If the edges are smooth and even, it means they took the time to smooth it to a quality finish.

According to the company’s website, all of their products are 100% American made. “We always use 100% Certified American, Heavy Native Steerhide”

Supporting American companies and American workers only helps to protect our right to keep and bear arms.