Range Review of the Riley Defense AK 47

Can you get a quality American made AK 47 rifle under a thousand dollars? Look no further than the Riley Defense AK 47 or as it is also known, the RAK 47.

Riley Defense is based in Hickory, NC and produces several different models of the AK 47 and AK 74 rifles. According to their website, they wanted to produce high quality American make AK rifles at a reasonable price. The RAK 47 is an amazing looking gun and even comes with an optics mount.

The AK rifle is one of the most popular rifles in the world with countless manufacturers building their own version. In the world of AK 47 enthusiasts, shooters know that not all AK rifles are created equal.

Riley Defense AKs feature a forged trunnion and bolt carrier group, something that AK shooters prefer. Cast trunnions are not as popular due to quality issues some manufacturers have had with them.

Buying the Riley Defense AK 47

I’ve wanted to add an AK 47 to my collection for quite some time and had looked at several different manufacturers. Prices for AK riles were high during the pandemic as people were panic buying guns and ammo. Prices have started to come down significantly since that time and I started looking at a few different models.

During a recent trip to a local gun store there was a very good looking Riley AK 47 sitting on the shelf. The red luminant furniture looked amazing and I asked to look at it. I could feel the rifle was well made as soon as it was in my hands. I had seen several reviews on Riley Defense and knew they had a good reputation.

I walked into the store that afternoon with no intention of buying a gun. However, my wife even noticed how nice this rifle looked. After looking it over for a few minutes I tried to get my wife to tell me not to get it, and she refused, instead, telling me that it would make a great video. The next thing I know, I was filling out the 4473 to take it home with me.

First shots with my new AK 47 rifle

After getting some work done on my range which included replacing my target stand, I finally had the chance to take my RAK 47 out and shoot a few rounds through it.

I didn’t have any issues with the rifle other than the sights being off slightly. That is something that was expected and with a little bit of Kentucky windage added to my aim, I was easily hitting steel

This gun feels solid and is very enjoyable to shoot. The recoil is very manageable and it operated flawlessly. I’m looking forward to many years of enjoying my Riley Defense AK 47.