More states adopting Permitless Concealed Carry

A growing number of states are eliminating the need for licenses to carry a firearm concealed. Permitless concealed carry, also known as Constitutional Carry is legal in almost half the country with more states passing laws adopting it.

Prior to the adoption of these laws, several states allowed citizens to open carry a firearm without any type of permit or licensing but required a license to carry a firearm concealed. This has always been considered a contradiction in the laws by most gun owners.

The Second Amendment was written with the intention of giving citizens the ability to protect themselves, their families and their liberties from anyone that would threaten them. Permitless concealed carry laws eliminate the need for residents to take a training course and pay fees in order to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

States and local governments passed laws restricting the rights of citizens over the years to carry a firearm in public with the intentions of reducing crime. Gun control laws only worked in favor of criminals by making it easier for them to take advantage of others.

Decades ago states began allowing residents who took concealed carry training classes to obtain a license to carry a firearm concealed in public. Studies have shown that armed citizens helped reduce crime as criminals decide their risk of encountering an armed citizen is too much of a hazard.

The reaction from politicians and the media has always been the same with them claiming that people carrying guns in public will turn those areas into the wild west. The fact that so many states now have passed Permitless Carry laws clearly shows how misinformed they are in their thinking.