Smith and Wesson releases the M&P 9mm EZ

Smith and Wesson released the M&P 380 EZ and immediately everyone asked them to release the new gun in 9mm. The company listened to its customers and has now released the M&P 9mm EZ.

The M&P 380 EZ was an instant hit with the concealed carry market but the lower power of the 380 acp left many people wanting a little more bank for their buck.

This new gun fits perfect into a particular niche of the concealed carry market. People who have difficulty cycling the action on a semiautomatic now have an option that is much easier. The M&P 9mm EZ requires less force to cycle the slide compared to many other models.

My own experience with the new offering from Smith and Wesson began while at the gun store with my mother. (Isn’t gun shopping with your mother common these days?)

Mama didn’t want another revolver but wanted a semiautomatic. It had to be something easier to cycle than most models. The salesman pulled out the 380 EZ and it was clearly something she and my wife both liked.

I have always been skeptical of the 380 acp because it is much lower powered than 9mm. When Smith and Wesson released the M&P 9mm EZ, I headed back to the gun store.

This pistol is not a traditional striker fired gun which are so common today. Instead, it has a covered hammer that really helps keep the trigger press very crisp and clean. The gun has a grip safety and is also available with other features such as a manual thumb safety.

Loading a magazine is made much easier with the addition of tabs on each side that allows you to depress the spring while adding rounds into it. The flat base plate helps to keep the magazine stable as you load it.

This pistol is an instant success for Smith and Wesson. Anyone who wants a gun that is easy to operate would certainly appreciate the ease of operation built into this gun.