Kentucky Deputy Shot by inexperienced officers

A Kentucky deputy shot by other officers blames a lack of experience for the incident that left him paralyzed. This incident highlights the dangers faced by law enforcement and the dangers of inexperienced officers in the field.

According to The Lexington Herald-Leader Scott County Deputy Jaime Morales told investigators ‘ “I was more afraid of getting shot by one of the guys that was inexperienced than getting shot by actual bad guys,”

Deputy Morales was wounded while police were trying to capture fugitive Edward R. Reynolds, who was killed at a rest area off of Interstate 75.

“Some of the guys did not have tactical experience to be, you know, on the situation. You know, as high stress as something like that is,” Morales told investigators.

According to the Courier Journal, The case file says that state police investigators won’t say which officer shot Morales without studying the bullet, which is still lodged in Morales spine.

According the The Herald Leader, State police forensic experts would not say which officer shot Morales. Both officers who fired their weapon deny shooting him. But investigating officers’ notes show KSP questioned those results.

The Scott County Sheriff’s Office has not yet been provided with a full copy of the state police report. Public information officer Sgt. Eddie Hart said Wednesday that the office wants the information to be available to the public, both for transparency and out of respect for Morales.