Importance of Self Defense Training for Women

Programs specializing in self defense training for women are growing across the country.  Criminals consider many women to be easy targets. Self defense is a fundamental right and it is important for everyone to have the skills to protect themselves.

Self defense training is a critical component of reducing crime at all levels.  Proper training increases your confidence and gives you the skills to react to an attacker.  Mental preparation is the first component developed in most self defense classes.

Studies show Self Defense training for women reduces sexual assaults

The evidence clearly shows effective self defense training for women reduces sexual assaults.  Multiple studies have been conducted by universities and other organizations.

University of Oregon Professor Jocelyn A. Hollander writes

Three major studies over the past few years, including a large, randomized control trial, found that women who complete an ESD class are at least 50-60% less likely to be raped over the following year than similar women who did not learn self-defense…. In addition, women who completed a self-defense class were one-third as likely to report an attempted rape. In other words, women who learn self-defense are both more likely to avoid rape if they are attacked, and much less likely to be attacked in the first place.

Other countries see similar results of self defense training for women

Students in the Concealed Carry class must fire 20 rounds on a B21 target.

Students in the Concealed Carry class must fire 20 rounds on a B21 target.

Studies from universities in other countries echo the reduction in sexual assaults of women.  Three universities in Canada conducted a study on reducing sexual assault on their campuses.  Part of the study included women’s self defense training for a selected number of students.

Between September 2011 and February 2013, 893 freshman women at the universities of Calgary, Windsor and Guelph in Canada took part in the study.

Holding three-hour sessions on weeknights and marathon sessions on weekends, Senn and her coauthors put 451 women through a series of lectures, problem-solving exercises, discussions and self-defense classes aimed at helping them define their sexual desires and boundaries, recognize and discourage sexual aggression, and resist an assault……

The study conducted by the universities clearly show the benefit of self defense training for women.  Sexual assaults dropped significantly due to these programs.

Among women who got the resistance training, 5.2 percent said they had been raped and 3.4 percent reported attempted rapes — reductions of 46.3 percent and 63.2 percent, respectively.

Rates of nonconsensual sexual contact reported by this group were 34 percent lower than those in the control group, and reports of sexual coercion were roughly 24 percent less common.

More women are learning to use guns

Guns have traditionally been the choice of men for self defense but that is changing.  A growing number of women are buying guns and taking firearms training classes. Firearms instructors across the country report increasing numbers of women taking classes.

More women are taking concealed carry classes to learn about firearms. It is one option in self defense training for women.

More women are taking concealed carry classes to learn about firearms. It is one option in self defense training for women.

Firearms training programs began to target women a decade ago and the numbers have grown since.  Men have traditionally dominated the ranks of firearms instructors.  Women firearms instructors are in high demand.  According to CNN: “In 2009, the NRA organized 280 “Women On Target” training clinics nationwide, and 8,000 women signed up. In 2013, the group held 450 clinics for 12,000 women.”

News reports highlight armed women protecting themselves and their families.  A women may not have the physical ability to stop an attacker but a firearm can easily level the playing field.

A pretty gun isn’t always the best choice

The firearms industry has noticed the change and many gun manufacturers are making products specifically for women.  There is a growing market for concealed carry accessories including holsters and designer guns.

The choice of a firearm for self defense is a personal decision.  There are several factors you should consider before making a decision. A pistol needs to be reliable and comfortable for you to use.

Self defense training for women produces good results and should be encouraged.