Social Media Banning Conservatives

Large media corporations have become a new threat to freedom of speech.  The corporate threat to freedom of speech is evident with social media companies banning conservatives from their platforms.

The most fundamental right in a free society is the right to free speech.  Government has been blocked from restricting speech by our Constitution but companies are not bound by it.

Banning Conservatives is attacking Freedom of Speech

Some social media companies are banning conservatives or restricting them.

Some social media companies are banning conservatives or restricting them.

Freedom of speech, like other rights, is being challenged by large corporations as they try to control the free flow of ideas. Manipulation of the free flow of information threatens our entire system and can influence our election process.

There are other ways social media companies target conservative speech other than outright bans on them.  Companies such as Google will pressure conservative content creators by restricting ads and manipulate search results to exclude them.

Google manipulates search results

Google is the largest search engine on the internet.  YouTube, which is owned by Google, is the second largest search engine. Content creators have been complaining for years about the double standard Google has when dealing with conservatives.

Gun Channels are Target by YouTube

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One specific group targeted by Google and YouTube are gun channels and gun websites.  There is no consistency in YouTube’s policies regarding gun channels and there are many examples of their censorship.  I recorded a video where I talked about the history of the Second Amendment and YouTube flagged it as inappropriate.

The video didn’t contain any guns or gun accessories.  I stood in front of my camera and presented some historical information which included quotes from the Founding Fathers.  YouTube has completely deleted some gun channels all together.

I receive emails daily from Google about my website restrictions because of weapons content.  Google cannot ban my website from the internet but they do limit it in search results and restrict it from advertisers.

A video surfaced following the election of President Trump that showed Google executives saying they wanted to influence future elections by controlling the information people could receive.

Facebook and Twitter also Ban Conservatives Speech

Google has a monopoly on the internet and no one can easily challenge them.  Companies like Facebook and Twitter are also banning conservatives and restricting content.  I cannot count the number of times Facebook has blocked me from posting.

The insanity of these companies is not measurable.  Earlier in 2018 I posted a photo of a custom pen I had made.  Facebook removed it and blocked me because it had a tip that looked like a bullet.  I’ve created Facebook posts supporting the Second Amendment.  Facebook will remove them without giving any reason why.

The only way to combat these companies is by supporting their competitors and other social media platforms.  Our freedom depends on our determination to preserve it.