How to make shooting targets

Target stands come in many different shapes and sizes depending on the preferences of the shooter and their training objectives.

Most target stands are only good for a short period of time depending on the type of material they are made from.  Getting sot regularly is enough to shorten the life of anything.  Finding affordable target stands may be just a short trip to the hardware store.

I recently needed a lightweight portable target stand that I could use for remote concealed carry classes.  I needed something that was easy to assemble on sight but sturdy enough to hold the targets for students to shoot.  After looking at several high priced stands, I decided to make one myself and save money.

A 10ft piece of 1 ½ pvc, four tees and two pieces of 1×2 are all you need to make a simple target sand.  The 1 ½ pvc is just wide enough to allow the 1×2 to slip into it since the actual dimension of the wood isn’t 2 inches.

All you need to do is cut four pieces a little over a foot in length for the base, another piece slightly smaller than the width of your target and a couple pieces to join the tees for the cross brace and you are ready to go.

The video shows exactly how this process is done and anyone can make this simple target stand with little effort.  Buying everything new would cost you less than $20 and unless it gets shot, it will give you a good service life.