Why you need a 22lr Pistol

As someone who enjoys shooting, I’m always looking to save money on ammunition.   One option for many people is to shoot a 22lr pistol. There are new guns available on the market all the time.  More guns make the decision of which one to buy much more difficult.

Modern 22lr pistol continue to grow in popularity with more models resembling larger caliber counterparts.  The Smith & Wesson M&P 22 for example is virtually identical to the larger of the M&P lines.

My favorite 22lr pistols

The Ruger SR22 is a great 22lr pistol and features an accessory rail for attaching lights.

The Ruger SR22 is a great 22lr pistol and features an accessory rail for attaching lights.

One particular model 22lr pistol I enjoy shooting is the Ruger SR22.  It has been on the market for a few years and is actually manufactured by Walther for Ruger.  It can be difficult for me to find small guns that fit my hands well but with the addition of the magazine extension on the Ruger I can get all of my fingers on it and have no problem shooting.

One noticeable issue with the Ruger that effects most semiautomatic 22s is that some cheaper ammo causes malfunctions, especially feeding issues.  When I first got the SR22 I bought a box of Blazer 22lr and had nothing but trouble out of them.  There were continuing feeding issues with it but changing the type of ammo cured all of those issues.

Anyone familiar with 22 pistols knows that ammunition is one of the biggest causes of failures with them.  I would load up one magazine with the Blazers and another magazine with something else.  It became clear that the problem was with the ammo.

The Heritage Roughrider Single Action 22 is great for those who enjoy cowboy action shooting.  I often find myself in the back yard with my Heritage 22 burning through a box of ammo.  Since it is a single action revolver, there are no feeding issues to worry about but I have had a couple rounds that I wasn’t sure if they made it out of the end of the barrel.  That is clearly an ammunition issue.  If I get a box of ammo that seems to be causing issues with my Ruger SR22 I will often just use it for my Heritage.

A 22lr pistol is good for new shooters

A 22 pistol is a great way to introduce a new shooter into the Firearms Sports.  Depending on the model you go with it’s very easy to teach them the fundamentals of firearms safety and marksmanship.  I began my kids with a single action before stepping them up to the semiautomatic.  I just felt it was a great way to introduce them to firearms since there is virtually no recoil and required them to cock it between every round.

Some People are intimidated by guns, especially larger caliber firearms.  Starting them off with a 22 pistol will help them better understand how to control recoil and build their confidence in shooting.  Once they learn the basics of marksmanship and safety they can work their way up to larger calibers.

Don’t let the size fool you. They are just as dangerous as most other firearms so everyone should take all safety precautions.  They’re enjoyable and if you are into the Shooting Sports you know exactly how much fun they can be.