Shooting with your weak hand

How many right-handed shooters out their practice with your left hand?  How many left-handed shooters ever practice with your right hand? If someone is forced to defend themselves, they generally don’t rise to the occasion they will default to their level of training.  If you haven’t spent the time training with your weak hand in firing and in manipulating your firearm you putting yourself at a big disadvantage.

One of the biggest mistake people make is that they never put forth any time into training.  Of the people that do train, few of them will put forth the time into training with their off hand.

if you are in a defensive situation you could be injured and if your primary hand is taken out of service you’re going to need to use your weak hand to operate the firearm to defend yourself.  It isn’t just that you can be injured in a defensive situation; the reality is people get injured at home or somewhere else due to an accident.

If you’re a right-handed shooter you might want to keep a left-handed holster around just in case something does happen and you need to carry your firearm opposite of the way you generally do.  Many of the same drills you do with your primary hand you can also do with your weak hand.  Check out some of the videos that I have on my YouTube channel, such as Shooting the Strip or the trigger control exercises.  Each of them can help improve your accuracy with your weak hand.

You will need to overcome cross eye dominance which can affect your sight picture.  Cross eye dominance is when your shooting hand and the eye you shoot with are opposite.  For example, if you’re a right-handed shooter but you use your left eye to aim, you are cross eye dominant.

Also, consider reloading your firearm one-handed especially with your weak hand.  It is a good idea to practice shooting and manipulating your firearm with your weak hand at least part of the time during every range visit.

How often do you practice with your weak hand?  Let me hear from you in the comments below.

4 Replies to “Shooting with your weak hand”

  1. After recent surgery, I have my right arm in an immobilizer sling….and I am right handed.
    No worries. I have trained to shoot with either hand and already had lefty gear.
    Prior training and regular practice have made this, happily, a non-issue.

    1. It’s good that you prepared yourself for such a situation. It’s unfortunate that a lot of shooters never practice with their opposite hand.

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