Mossberg 590 Shockwave

One of the more unique guns that have come on the scene lately is the Mossberg 590 Shockwave which is basically a short barreled shotgun that doesn’t require any special tax stamp to purchase.

The Shockwave quickly captured everyone’s attention at Shot Show and has been the subject of many YouTube videos since it hit the market.

This hand held 12 gauge is the perfect truck gun or bedside home defense weapon and is also a lot of fun to take to the range for an afternoon of shooting.

Recoil on the Mossberg Shockwave is very manageable and much less than I expected even with higher powered shells.  The Shockwave can also shoot the mini shotgun shells that are on the market and can hold as many as ten of them.

When you hold this gun at your waste to shoot, you will notice that you will have a tendency to shoot high.  However, a little practice will have you hitting the target without any issues.  It’s also possible to mount a laser or other optic on the Shockwave.  Just don’t modify the grip or you might get a visit from the ATF.

Check out my video to see this gun in action.