The Glock 19x 9mm Pistol Range Review

The Glock 19x features a full sized grip with a Glock 19 sized slide leading many people to criticize the pistol as not easy to conceal. However, the Glock 19x was never designed to be a concealed carry pistol similar to the standard Glock 19. It was designed as a duty weapon intended for open carry by soldiers.

The 19x finished a very close second place during the military trials to replace the Baretta M9. Since then, the Glock 19x has been released on the civilian market without the manual safety which disappointed many gun collectors who wanted the feature as part of the pistil.

As someone who enjoys shooting various different pistols, the Glock 19x is a very enjoyable firearm. Glocks are known for their reliability and this gun builds on that reliability and adds one of the best triggers for a Glock I’ve ever used.

Glock makes some of the most reliable pistols on the market and taking this gun to the range in extremely cold weather didn’t concern me in any way. Once I learned the correct point of aim for this pistol, I was able to hit the target at much further distances than I expected.