Springfield Operator 1911 Range Review

Springfield is known for making high quality firearms that offer a wide range of features. One of my favorite pistols from the company is my Springfield Operator 1911 Lightweight.

The 1911 pistol is the most copied semiautomatic pistol design in the history of firearms with each company adding some of their own flare to attract customers. Springfield has created their 1911 pistols as one of the most reliable firearms on the market.

My Springfield Operator 1911 is chambered in 45acp, but the company offers other calibers as well. For me, there’s something special about a 1911 pistol chambered in 45acp that makes it much more fun to shoot.

The Operator Lightweight features an alloy frame that makes it much lighter to carry. One of the big design changes that Springfield made to this pistol is the feed ramp being made as part of the barrel. Alloy frame 1911s that use the traditional feed ramp can develop feeding issues if the feed ramp is damaged. Alloy frames are softer than the traditional steel frame models.

Features on the Springfield Operator 1911 include a skeletonized hammer and trigger with a trigger preload adjustment which allows you to tune the trigger to your liking.

The trigger on my Springfield Operator is very crisp and has a very tactile reset.

Spending time at the range is very enjoyable and a good way to improve your accuracy with a firearm. Getting your family involved with your range sessions is a good way to help teach firearms safety and how fun the shooting sports can be.

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I recently took my Springfield Operator 1911 out to the range for a little shooting session. I was carrying it in a beautiful 1791 Gunleather holster with the vintage finish. Leather holsters are my preferred way of carrying a firearm and 1791 Gunleather makes some of the best.

The recoil on the Springfield Operator Lightweight is a little more noticeable but still very manageable for most shooters. The gun is very accurate but I’m not the biggest fan of the Trijicon Sights that are currently installed. The front post is harder to detect depending on the target.

I cannot begin to express how reliable this gun is. It flawlessly cycles every kind of ammo I’ve shot through it, including self defense ammo that can easily cause failure to feed in other firearms. This gun gobbles them up and asks for more.