Carry your gun on your body to always be armed

It is impossible to protect yourself with something you don’t have. You need to carry your gun on your body to make sure it is with you when needed. There are many examples of people becoming victims because they didn’t have their guns with them.

Carrying a gun in a purse, briefcase or in a coat pocket is very common for some people. It is very important to control whatever your gun is carried in but there is a risk you could leave yourself unarmed.

Imagine that you were eating dinner with your family at a nice restaurant when a madman opened fire on everyone in the building. Your first instinct may be to get your family to safety. In extreme situations when people are scared they will run and leave things behind.

If your gun was in the coat you left across the chair, you find yourself unarmed just when you need it the most. Carry your gun on your body in a reliable holster using proper concealed carry methods. It’s also a good idea to keep your keys and a cellphone directly on your body as well.

It’s risky to carry your gun in a purse or briefcase

Guns carried in a purse or briefcase also put you at risk of losing your gun. If the purse or briefcase is grabbed by someone, you are not only dealing with a criminal, you are dealing with an armed criminal.

There are also stories of kids finding their mothers gun in a purse which have resulted in tragedy. A gun carried directly on your body is not accessible by anyone else without your knowledge.

We have a responsibility to be prepared to protect ourselves and our families. If we don’t have our tools with us, it will be much harder to do.