Colt Firearms ends civilian long gun production

Colt Firearms is ending civilian long gun production.
Colt Firearms is ending civilian long gun production.

Colt firearms has announced it will be ending civilian long gun production. Colt has been plagued with financial problems for years.  

Colt firearms filed for bankruptcy protection in June of 2015 and emerged from bankruptcy in 2016.

The announcement came as an email by distributor RSR Group to their retail customers announcing that Colt will no longer produce long guns for the retail market.

An industry insider told the website Truth About Guns:

They’ve been losing left and right to companies both big and small. They don’t have the high end or the low end market, and they’ve finally realized that the prancing pony isn’t enough for this generation of shooters to buy less rifle for more money. Instead of getting better, they’ve given up.

The AR 15 market has become very competitive in recent years with new manufacturers coming on scene. Cold Firearms has been struggling to compete and stay relevant in today’s market.

There is also growth in individuals building their own AR 15’s from kits available from various retailers or online.