Great Christmas Gifts for Gun Lovers

Finding the right gifts for gun lovers is easy and fun to do during the Christmas season. Here are a few gift ideas to help you get the right present for the gun lover in your life.


Gun holsters make great gifts for gun lovers who regularly carry a gun on them. Quality holsters are available in many different styles and price range. It is easy to find good gun holsters for every kind of gun manufactured.

Custom holster manufacturers can personalize them with the person’s name, favorite quote or pictures.

Pistol or Rifle Magazines

Rock Island 1911
The Rock Island 1911 comes in many different models.

Having multiple magazines for your gun makes reloading much faster and lets gun lovers shoot more and reload less. It is important to do your research and get quality magazines to prevent issues with the gun.

Ammo makes a great gift

Ammunition is a great gift for anyone who enjoys shooting. Regular trips to the range are more enjoyable when you have plenty of ammo for your gun. Stocking up on ammo while the prices are lower is always a good idea.

Gun owners were unable to find ammo for certain caliber guns a few years ago. Any store that carried certain types of ammo quickly ran out due to the high demand.

Pro gun clothing makes great gifts for gun lovers

Everyone loves a good shirt or sweater that features something they love. Gun lovers are no different when it comes to things they like. There are a lot of very affordable shirts, jackets and sweaters which feature various firearms and popular gun slogans. Custom t-shirts are very affordable and they make great gifts.

Membership in Pro Gun Organizations

Organizations such as the NRA, GOA, National Firearms Association and others work to protect our Constitutional rights. Giving gun lovers membership to a pro gun group is very affordable and helps support their work. Membership discounts are available also.

Membership in the NRA or other pro gun organizations make great gifts for gun lovers.
Membership in the NRA or other pro gun organizations make great gifts for gun lovers.

Guns as Christmas Gifts

self-defense guns are important for every day carry
Glock pistols are a popular choice for concealed carry

Guns make great gifts and it is perfectly legal for you to give someone a gun for Christmas. I’ve received guns as gifts myself and enjoy shooting them. State laws vary on transferring guns to individuals so be sure to know the laws in your area.

Gun lovers need targets

There are many different targets available to make range time more enjoyable. Game targets are a fun way to improve your shooting accuracy and build your skills.

Battleship, poker and other types of targets are very popular and are very affordable gifts for gun lovers.