Taurus Judge Magnum and ammo you shouldn’t use

The Taurus Judge got a lot of attention from the firearms community when it was first released several years ago.  It was a handgun that could shoot either the 45-long colt or 410 shotgun shells.

Shortly after the release of the original Judge, Taurus released the Judge Magnum which will shoot the 2 1/2 as well as 3-inch shells.

I bought my Judge Magnum as soon as they came on the market and it has been a lot of fun to shoot.  The only issues that I’ve had with it is the fire control mechanism locking up causing me to send it to Taurus for repair.  After a few weeks they returned my gun in perfect working condition and I’ve not had any issues since.

Since the introduction of the Judge, several ammo manufacturers have made specialty shells specifically for the Judge.  If you keep a Taurus Judge for self defense you will want to spend some time studying these different types of ammunition to see which one works best.

One type of shell to avoid is bird shot because the patters spreads so wide it becomes ineffective.  The Taurus Judge performs much differently than regular 410 shotguns.  The barrel is rifled which causes the pattern spread to be much wider than the smooth bore barrel in most shotguns.

To overcome this problem, you will want to choose either the 45-long colt or 410 shells specifically made for the Taurus Judge.